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If you live and / or own a home in Southern California and are looking to remodel your bathroom or kitchen. You have come to the right place. Our company of kitchen & bath remodeling contractors will deliver the the kitchen and / or bathroom that you desire for an affordable price, no matter what area of California you live in.

We have over 30 years of experience with helping homeowners business’s and serial flippers bring their bathroom or kitchen remodeling ideas to reality. We can outfit your kitchen with custom kitchen cabinets, or transform your bathroom into a tranquil and relaxing get away inside your house. Whatever you envision, we can bring it to life. We take great pride in giving you exactly what you had in mind.

Southcoast Developers is a insured and licensed general contractor for residential and commercial construction and remodeling, Our remodeling and construction firm is devoted to customer satisfaction and delivering a finished product that’s first class We give you big company goods and services with small design house prices. For residential properties, we can build a house from the ground up, or beautify your home or investment property’s appearance with a unique remodeling design; Be it a complete kitchen remodeling or a complete remodeling of the interior and exterior of your home. Making the right choices about products and decisions not only assists in a efficiency of transition time, but also saves you, the client, from costly mistakes which are what drive up the price and cause over budget projects.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling Brea CA

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 We strive to circumvent and forgo these problems by offering a variety of services. so we’re your one stop place to insure your utmost satisfaction.We never sub out our work and anyone who comes to your house to perform a task or job is a employee of Southcoast Developers. As a licensed and insured general contractor, we give you the peace of mind that is what truly you are searching for when loooking for a home remodeling expert Brea CA; your home or business, is being worked on by licensed professionals with hundreds of completed projects and reviews to back it up. Invest in true value, by choosing us as your home remodeling expert Brea CA

Serving the needs of Southern California’s most discerning Hospitality and Condominium industry, as well as owners of luxury Homes. Our Offerings of full-service home remodeling and luxury hotel and condo renovations to Orange County have been talked about in magazines and featured on television.

At Southcoast Developers we make sure your old kitchen becomes the perfect finished product; our team will listen to your ideas and design the kitchen of your dreams. Everything from colors, forms, textures, cabinet finishes, appliances, lighting and flooring will be considered, everything under your budget. Our goal is to deliver the space you always dreamed about striving to make your new design the perfect one..

Southcoast Developers performs all types of projects, fitting to every individual customer’s budgets, ideas and necessities. Improving this area adds value to your home or condo, it is the investment that is worth every dollar you spend, an investment applied to your most precious asset, your home.


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Bathroom Remodeling Brea CA

Having your bathroom renovated by us will be a great decision and investment on your property. The recent trends in bathroom remodeling is becoming as equally popular as the remodeling of other areas of a house. Many people invest a good amount of money to improve their bathrooms, where they can wash-down tension and get relaxed in the bathroom. Bathroom remodeling highlights the beauty of the house and on the other hand increases the value of the house. Bathroom remodeling can become a great experience, when you hire.”

Consider Southcoast Developers Remodeling your trusted and professional bathroom contractor in Brea … get a free estimate from us (Hablamos Español) we have contractors waiting to speak to you Office (714)716-4376 Though costly, installing a new bathroom is a sure way to add value and improve the aesthetics of your home. There are a variety of styles and materials available for roofing to choose from that reflect your taste and home’s style including asphalt, slate, wood, ceramic, and more. Consider not only your home’s style, but your climate as well


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Exterior Remodeling Brea CA


The largest percent of exterior remodeling updates in 2013 were a combination of different replacement jobs – windows, siding and doors. What does that mean? Homeowners are heavily concerned with the performance and energy efficiency of their homes’ exterior. (And who wouldn’t be?)

When it comes to siding – a very popular replacement job for remodelers across the board – homeowners are more focused on product type when making a purchasing decision. Vinyl, fiber cement and stucco were the leading siding materials, according to the remodelers surveyed.

Window and door replacement most often stemmed from energy efficiency issues or style changes you have a number of options when it comes to remodeling the exterior walls of your home. Painting your home can achieve the look you want the color of your home is most likely what a perspective home owner sees first. Vinyl and aluminum siding are more expensive options and take, but both outlast paint and other techniques, they also require much less maintenance. Other long-lasting options include brick, stone, engineered wood, stucco, and veneers.

hardscaping your home has many benefits. For one, it is a sure way to improve your home’s exterior appearance, adding style, beauty and even value. Beyond the beauty, trees can provide shade in your home, reducing air conditioning costs. It is also an investment that appreciates over time, growing and becoming more beautiful each year. If you lack space for flowerbeds consider potted plants, which you can change by season.


You often hear about the importance of curb appeal on not only the impression it makes to your guests but also to the perceived and real value of your home. Who doesn’t want to drive up to their home each day and feel proud and welcome by there own hardscape installed by Southcoast Developers. Exterior remodels are unique in that not only are they projects that you and your family can enjoy, but they add a tremendous amount of resale value. Many exterior projects can completely transform the look of your home. Some popular exterior renovations include Backyard BBQ’a and Entertaining space, siding, windows, front entry doors and exterior trim.


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