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South Coast Developers (SCD) finds excellent opportunities on properties because of our ability make cash offers.
Having capital available can make or break a deal.
For that reason, our investment partners make a higher rates of return than conventional investing. 08% to 12% (Varies on project)
We manage the risk to our partners investment by carefully analyze prospective properties to get best possible deal

Below are some of the current market rates for popular investments with comparisons to a SCD’S investment opportunity.


Certificate of Deposit
CD Rate: 6 Mo = 0.86% 1 Yr = 1.38% 5 Yr = 2.80%
Note: $50,000 invested at an interest rate of 2.80% (5yr Rate) will earn you $1,400 after 5 years and take 180 years to double your initial investment. Source:

Dow Jones: 6 Mo = (-1.34%) 1Yr = 17.26% 5Yr = (-3.68%)
Note: $50,000 invested in DJIA during the last 5 years would have resulted in a $1,840 loss and the remaining principal after 5 years would be $48,160.


Single Family Home: 6 Mo = 12% to 14% (Varies per deal) 9 Mo = 16%
Note: $50,000 invested at an interest rate of 14% (6Mo Rate) will earn you $7,000 after 6 months and take 7 years to double your initial investment.

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